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AN01: Prescription hair growth formulation that actually works.

Our product is a novel, proprietary topical formulation for androgenetic alopecia, the most common cause of hair loss, that promotes thicker, darker hair growth on men and women.

Our hair growth formula works without many of the side effects caused by existing formulas and products. 

A topical formulation that will enhance eyebrow growth is also under development.


Day 0.png

Day 0 (Untreated)

Male hair exhibiting typical pattern balding. The balding is centered around the crown of the head.

Day 60.png

Day 60 (Treated)

By Day 60 of treatment, increased hair growth on the crown.

Day 100.png

Day 100 (Treated)

By Day 100, balding area has experienced significant regrowth, as well as new  hair growth, increased melanin, and increased thickness of individual hairs.


Day 0_2.png

Day 0 (Untreated)

Before treatment, hair has thinned considerably along this woman’s parting line, most noticeably towards the rear of the head.

Day 45_2.png

Day 45 (Treated)

By Day 45 of treatment, hair has regrown along the parting line thicker and darker in color.


Day 30_3.png

Day 30 (Treated)

By Day 30, some new hair growth has been experienced.

Day 90_3.png

Day 90 (Treated)

By Day 90, hair regrowth on the crown with new, darker hair and less grey hair.



Day 0 (Untreated)

Female hair exhibiting Ludwig scale 1-3 pattern balding. The balding is centered along the part of her hair.

Day 103 (Treated)

By Day 103, hair regrowth along the part with new, darker hair and less grey hair.

ANR-001 Eyebrow Formula Trial


Day 0 (Untreated)

No history of hair loss or eyebrow thinning.


Day 45 (Treated)

By day 45, thicker, darker hair has grown around the eyebrow area.

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